Saturday, February 27, 2010

BinTube Usnet Search

As you may have noticed by now, BinTube's Usenet Search engine is no longer accessible for non members. This was not an easy decision for us, but it was a necessary action due to the proliferation of websites that specialize in linking to Usenet posts of questionable legality. Filtering out the questionable content based on post subjects being technically impossible, we had no other option.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

BinTube 2.9 New Feature Roundup

Since our last post, some cool and unique features were added to BinTube Usenet Reader. Starting with the most requested:

  • It's now finally possible to control download priority by dragging items up and down in the download list which now also supports multi-selection. You can still download multiple items at the same time. To quickly start downloading a queued item, simply double-click it. Double clicking an item that's already downloading will start playback of the first media file belonging to it.
  • New drag and drop functionality allows you to download any NZB file by simply dragging it into BinTube. You can also drag and drop any video, audio or picture file or folder for quick playback.
  • BinTube now checks for missing parts and gives you the option to cancel before starting any download. This option is especially handy for users who stream media and hate interruptions during playback.
  • Items smaller than 3 MB are not queued and download right away at the same time as any other downloads that may be taking place. If you think you need control over the 3 MB number please let us hear from you through the feedback forum.
  • If you use the streaming capability of BinTube, you will notice that RAR files are analyzed and extracted on the fly, before the first RAR file is even fully downloaded.
  • We have added fail-over support, so that if something goes wrong accessing one of our server farms, BinTube temporarily switches to an alternate server farm. This feature is only available to users with BinTube Usenet Access accounts.

As always, many thanks to all of you who contributed with their ideas and feedback.