Friday, November 20, 2009

BinTube Usenet Reader 2.7 - New Features

BinTube NFO
First off, thanks to all who shared their feedback and ideas on the feedback forum. This release of BinTube brings some new features and several improvements of existing ones. While most of the work in the last couple of months was focused on the search engine, we have also managed to update the client with some of the ideas you shared with us. Here are the improvements and new features:

1/ Disk activity during downloads has been cut in half. An unnecessary round trip to the disk during the decoding phase was eliminated.

2/ We improved the folder naming scheme. Some of you requested that the software prompt for a folder name for every download, but we really think it's an unnecessary interaction especially if the folders are named nicely. If you disagree let us hear from you.

3/ We added the minimize to tray feature with quick access to a global pause function and new bandwidth limiter. There is also an option to quickly deactivate automatic playback in case you have company ;)

4/ We added a new tab to display text and NFO files without interrupting playback.

5/ The download queue is now resumed automatically between restarts. No need to un-pause downloads one by one. We've also added a new command that cancels and deletes everything in the queue.

6/ There are also several bug fixes: mouse jumpiness under load, window position not remembered and various other minor bugs.

Thanks again for your great feed back and continued support.

The following members have been particularly helpful and deserve our special thanks: New Duke, anonymous27, Escovan and lolciu