Wednesday, March 19, 2008

SSL is Now Active

By popular demand, secure access via SSL is now available on To access the secure version of the site bookmark the following address:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Getting this message?? >>>

Secure Connection Failed uses an invalid security certificate.

The certificate is not trusted because the issuer certificate is unknown.

(Error code: sec_error_unknown_issuer)

* This could be a problem with the server's configuration, or it could be someone trying to impersonate the server.

* If you have connected to this server successfully in the past, the error may be temporary, and you can try again later.

Or you can add an exception…

October 8, 2008 at 8:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

why delete my message, sort it out

October 9, 2008 at 3:17 AM  
Blogger BinTube said...

What browser are u using?

October 9, 2008 at 8:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

BinTube's built in browser is making this same security complaint for some indexing sites. Is there a way around it? I tried installing the issuer's certificate in Windows but that did not help.

July 12, 2014 at 12:45 AM  

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